Siwon 시원

Siwon Profile / Biography

Real Name: (최시원) Choi Si Won

Stage Name: (시원) Siwon

Chinese Name: (崔 始 源)

English Name: Andrew Choi

Nickname(s): Simba (named by Heechul), Horse (from the Zodiac)

Date of Birth: February 10, 1987 (Apparently, Shiwon’s real birthday is April 7, 1986… Eeteuk said Shiwon’s birthday was coming up soon on his minihompy on 4/5/09. The story is that his parents didn’t registered his birth until February of the following year for whatever reason so in official documents his birthday is listed as February 10. However, despite the fact that his actual birthday is April 7, February 10 is the birthday he officially celebrates with Super Junior fans so…)

Place of Birth: Seoul Gangnam (south of Han River near Apgujung) (서울 강남)

Height: 183 cm/6′

Weight: 65 kg/143 lb

Blood Type: B

Siblings: younger sister Choi Jiwon

Specialty/Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Taekwondo, Chinese (language), Playing drums

Education: Currently a student at Inha University (인하대학교), Physical Education major

Religion: Christian

Voice Type: Baritone

Years active: 2005–present

Label(s): SM Entertainment

Associated acts: SMTown (Super Junior, Super Junior M)


Film :
2007 : Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건) as Choi Siwon.
2006 : A Battle of Wits as Prince Liang Shi. Mandarin Chinese language

Television series :
2010 ATHENA : goddess of war (Kim Jun Ho)
2010 SBS Oh! My Lady as Sung Min Woo (Lead role).
2009 CCTV Stage Of Youth (青春舞台) as Shiyuan (Guest star).
2007 MBC Legend of Hyang Dan (향단전) as Lee Mongryong (Lead role).
2006 KBS Spring Waltz (봄의 왈츠) as Park Sang Woo.
2006 KBS Charnel Boy
2005 KBS 18 vs. 29 (열여덟 스물아홉) as young Kang Bongman.
2005 KBS Precious Family (부모님 전상서). cameo
2004 KBS Parents’ Approval.cameo

Music video appearances :
2003: “What is Love” – DANA
2006: “Timeless” – Zhang Liyin (Feat. Xiah of TVXQ)
2008: “Star Wish (I WILL)” – Zhang Liyin
2008: “The Left Shore of Happiness” – Zhang Liyin
2009: “Fireflies” – Ariel Lin

Below his interview from Korea Men’s Health magazine 
Favorite fashion brand: No specific favorite.
Favorite car: No specific favorite
Favorite perfume: Many, because he likes perfume
Favorite number, color: 1 and 7, white and black
If you have a jinx? Lip balm must always be in left pocket when going up on stage. On the rare occassion that he doesn’t have it, he will mess up the choreography.
Favorite female star during childhood: Catherine Zeta-Jones
The role model in my life: Father ( later wants to become a person like his father )
Most precious item: Bible ( Instructions/Guidelines for my life )
The item you want to buy most right now: Vitamins. ( I’m in Thailand right now, but my vitamins dropped )
Most memorable movie or music: Tony Bennett’s “The Way You Look Tonight” (Favorite song for 15 years)
I would be happiest if only I had this! At this time, personal time and space
Other people think of me as this. Old man (But I am just conservative)
The thing I worry about most is: My self-confidence. ( How can I become a good son, as well as a good father? )
The thing that makes me most sad is: Parting from people, Seperating for a long time, seperating for a short time ( It was difficult ever since I was young )
The thing that makes me most mad is: when I lose to my confidence.
When I start a new thing, I: Always start with a prayer.
Something I want to change a little in my personality is that whether it’s because I’m still young, I don’t know, but I feel that I lack a lot of patience and perserverence.
I do this when I fight with another person: I go first to apologize.
When I go shopping, I: Choose what I want quickly.
If I could have a new life I would want try this. I’m always thankful for everything I have at any moment.
When a problem occurs, I: Always pray first.
When I have someone as good as myself to compete against I double my effort to work hard.
I think women need to be understood and protected.
I think men should be strong, but weak.
This kind of man is a cool man: He’s cool even to a man. *
If I were to list money, love, and success in order: Love, Success, Money

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