110909 Music Bank Backstage, During Recording.

Leeteuk: repackaged album will be (released) the week after next, there will be Heechul in the mv… Eunhyuk/Donghae: are you serious? Don’t lie.~ Ryeowook: there will be other members too (2) Eunhyuk (talking to himself) if our repackaged album also sold 200,000, we will then have 500,000(for total)~ In that case, GDA…..

利特:后续曲是下下周…MV中也有希澈…;银赫/东海等:哎?真的?不要说谎啊~; 厉旭:也有其他成员~ 。2、银赫:(自言自语)如果我们再版也卖20万张的话…那就50万张了~那么金唱片…

Please don’t consider whether this is a hint or not, GDA happens once only. If we treat ver C as ver A, if we pay great attention to ver C, 200,000 copies isn’t a dream.

別考慮這到底是不是提示, 金唱片只要有一次。如果把C版當成A版, 如果大家重視C版, 20萬不是夢。


Heechul once mentioned (last year )that reaching 500K copies will secure GDA.. now it’s EunHyuk. Last year, we thought Heechul was just telling a joke.. but he was right all along.

There’s more than that amount of ELFs all around the world!! If each ELFs could support them then its possible to achieve that!!

Actually a few petals already guessed it last year, but since we were not that united then, & many ELFs were still in euphoria of 2009 GDA Daesaeng, it’s difficult to convince esp foreign elfs to work together.

Guess, having one GDA being taken away by force is a blessing in disguise, ELF community worldwide, become more united, more organised. How often do you see K ELFs talking to us, working along side with us foreign ELFs? SJ changed the scene for kpop world, we ELFs make the mark ^^ Hwaiting!

(fr:tw via:@yuki最爱赫J澈 eng trans:Jeslyn Ho, via Michelle Fung’s FB, all ELF who commented on the post)

shared by: @13elieveSG


ALL ELF! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SUPER JUNIOR OPPADEUL! BY BUYING THEIR ALBUM  A and C VERS . You can buy the B Ver. after that. Lets focus to A and C Vers first for GDA!!


PS*: Buying their albums from your country ARE NOT COUNT!!

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